Monday, March 14, 2011

I Heart Green Developments - Just Not Near Me

The city is doing its part for the environment.  The Bloomberg administration has been adding miles and miles of bike lanes at the cost of removing existing car lanes. Fabulous, right? I mean less car lanes equals less cars and therefore less pollution, right? Less car lanes, more bike lanes encourage people to hop on a bicycle and pedal to their destinations instead of dirty, toxic spewing cars and that's a good thing, right?
Not everyone thinks so.  Park Slope residents (why am I not surprised) are sharply divided over one such lane in their neighborhood.  Typical nimby (not in my back yard) response but rather hypocritical because these residents are some of the most liberal in the city.
People generally hate any sort of change even when it's in line with their views and beliefs.  This problem of nimbyism if you will is not endemic to NYC but as you will read in the following article, there are such battles brewing in Martha's Vineyard and over in Berkeley, CA.
Can you imagine if we were like that in the Bronx? Not only are we the greenest borough in terms of park land but we are also the greenest in terms of new green developments. Melrose is the ONLY LEED certified neighborhood district in not just all of New York City, but the only one in the entire state of New York! Not bad for a neighborhood that was just rubble two decades ago.

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