Thursday, March 24, 2011

Urban Farming Safety Tips

Nothing is more satisfying than eating heirloom tomatoes tossed in with spinach - all grown from your very own mini urban farm.  

Growing your own food was something most people enjoyed generations ago and was just a simple fact of life.  Along came the industrial revolution and slowly the people became so disconnected with the land and farming that today, many urban kids have no idea where their food comes from.   We are a no longer in control of our food sources which has wreaked havoc on both the environment and our own health.
Unless organic, our foods are grown with the aid of carcinogenic pesticides and fertilizers not to mention the carbon footprint required to transport the produce from the farm to our tables.

Urban farming has gained a lot of attention in recent years as a solution to help break this change particularly in disenfranchised urban areas such as the Bronx.  Kids are now being exposed to such positive programs throughout the borough teaching them the importance of food justice issues.

The following article from the Huffington Post is an excellent read on making sure that your urban garden is safe from harmful chemicals such as lead paint or even oil and gasoline which unfortunately are present in city land through years of environmental abuse and decay.  

Just remember, though, that this is not a reason to stop or not start an urban garden for the benefits far outweighs the risks.   The article is just a simple reminder and resource on how to make the best out of your garden.

Is Your Garden Safe?: via HuffPost

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