Monday, May 3, 2010

Organic Pasta, Veggies and 'Shrooms Oh My!

So today was MUCH better than yesterday's dreadful meal of fried wings and french fries. I decided to make up for my poor choice by going to the South Bronx Food Cooperative on Third Avenue and East 158th Street. I picked up some portobello mushrooms, veggie pasta and spinach - all organic and all by the bulk which is pretty awesome that I could purchase the quantities which I NEEDED and WANTED and wasn't forced to purchase some prepackaged stuff.

That was dinner...breakfast and lunch were pretty good as well...opted for a couple of oranges and a yogurt and then for lunch I had fresh made guacamole - can't beat that!

Living in the South Bronx is ROUGH when you want access to the good stuff...every corner there's a bodega with 99% of the items being pretty toxic if you consider all the chemicals, sodium, high fructose corn syrup, sugars, etc - it's no wonder why we're not only one of the hungriest but also one of the most obese districts in the country. Corporations are slowly killing us because we are only seen as $ signs and not as HUMANS.

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