Monday, May 24, 2010

You Are What You Drink

Next time you go to pick up that bottle of Pepsi or Snapple (made from the worst stuff on earth) remember this image:

Yep folks, that's how much sugar you are INGESTING into your body with each bottle or can of these popular drinks...check out how much SUGAR that bottle of sugarwater um I mean vitaminwater contains...come on your vitamins from healthy, fresh fruits and veggies...don't drink them.

Did you also know that the beverage lobby has been targeting Bronx neighborhoods stating that the proposed Beverage Tax is unfair and that jobs will be lost if it is passed. I guess that as usual, these for-profit companies don't care about people. Personally, I am insulted that they are targeting the very neighborhoods which consume the HIGHEST amounts of sugary beverages in all of NEW YORK CITY as well as one of the most obese districts in the country! The people of the Bronx need to stop being the dumping ground for all that is not good for us. Yeah Pepsi-Co and the rest of your crew: I'm calling you out!

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